480 Sq Ft Small House Exterior Improvements

We've been working on the small house as time allows us to. It's nice that it's right across the street as we don't have to go very far :) My daughter and I built a small garden and I think it turned out quite nicely. It measures 8 x 10 feet. … [Read More...]


Little House Update

Time for a update on how the little house is coming along. As a recap, you all may remember that we purchased a little house across the street from us. It had sat empty for over a decade and I told the owner a number of times that if she ever … [Read More...]


Tiny House is coming together!

We were able to spend a weekend working on the tiny house and got quite a bit done. There is just a lot of little things really to finish but each project takes time. This time we finished: 1. Trimmed all the windows 2. Put up new exterior … [Read More...]


A little more progress…

Progress up at the tiny lake house is slow going but it's going. The challenge is getting the time to go up there. This summer we spent almost a month traveling on vacation and while we had an amazing time, it also meant that we didn't spend much … [Read More...]


A Little House Renovation Project

This week we closed on another house. This one I'm not sure would qualify as "tiny" but it definitely is in the little or small category at 480 square feet. It's a one bedroom/one bath home on a slab that has an attic and sits on a 3/4 acre … [Read More...]

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Changes to the Tiny Bathroom

The most recent visit to the Tiny Lake House compound got me thinking about the bathroom in the Chalet. I really want to see if we can do a steep set of stairs going up to the loft and in order to do so, I needed to change the bathroom wall so it's … [Read More...]


Tiny House Power and IKEA Furniture

I'm happy to report that the tiny Chalet house now has power! This is a biggy and it's nice to now be able to flip a switch and turn on a light. While I would have loved to go with a solar set up that just isn't possible because of all the … [Read More...]