Tiny House Design Elements

Guest post written by Mariah Coz of Comet Camper There are a few basic design principles that apply to tiny house design. Designing such a small space poses unique challenges and also presents new opportunities for innovative use of space. This … [Read More...]


Enjoying Spring Up at the Lake

I just returned from spending a week and a half up at the tiny lake house. I didn't have tools with me so I didn't get anything finished on the Chalet but I did manage to work on the dog kennel run and extend it. The dogs will be happy about that … [Read More...]


Tiniest house on wheels?

Ok, well technically it's not a "tiny house" per say but it does have most of what a tiny house would have; kitchen, dining, sleeping area. No bathroom but a luggable loo or porta-potty works just fine. This is my recently acquired 1961 Hi-Lo … [Read More...]

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Which Tiny House Foundation is Right for You?

Guest post by Mariah Coz of Comet Camper. What do you think of when you think “Tiny House”? Is it a small 8’ x 16’ cabin on a trailer, ready to roll? Or do you think of a small cottage on a foundation? There are 3 main “modes” of tiny … [Read More...]


Tiny Living in the Winter

Is it Spring yet?? I know most of us have asked that question at least half a dozen times or more during this winter. I swear it's been one of the longest winter's I have ever experienced or ever care to again to be honest! Sometimes though you … [Read More...]


Spaghetti Squash Chicken Curry

I even impressed myself with this particular recipe. I've been craving something moderately spicy and curry just sounded so good. This is a great recipe that is low in calories, carbs and sugar. This recipe took me a bit longer to make but perhaps … [Read More...]


Healthy Zucchini Pizza Boats

  These are one of my favorites! If you are like me and miss having pizza on occasion, then I believe you'll find these quite satisfying. Ingredients: 2 Zucchini's Mrs. Dash Italian Medley seasoning 4 tablespoons of Kroger brand pizza … [Read More...]